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Pre-Orders and Backorders:


When we want something, and we can afford it, we pay for it, and we hope you feel the same way.  Of course sometimes those things haven’t actually come out yet.  Such is the curse of being a forward thinker.  We like to keep things simple with Pre-orders and  Backorders.  Pay now and we ship it when it comes in.  We find it’s the most effective way to get you the stuff you want. 


If the price increases between the time when the you pay for a Pre-Order and when it’s shipped, you get the item at the nicer price.  If you are into collectible stuff at all, you can see how this can be of benefit to you. If the price decreases from when you paid for it, to when its shipped, we’ll refund you the difference.   

We try to give you accurate dates for releases of Pre-Order items, but sometimes manufacturers take longer than any of us would like.  If an item is somehow delayed for over three months, we’ll contact you to see if you would like a refund on the item in question.


Backorders presently depend on distributer availability and take from two to four weeks to ship.   As we move forward and expand our awesomeness, the number of items in stock will increase and the amount of time items will spend backordered will decrease.  Backorder now and check back often.




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